It’ s funny to me when I ask every high school senior at our photo shoots “So, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” The same silly smirk usually appears as I’m sure they have been asked that question since kindergarden. Some seem to have an idea or a degree in mind as a general direction. ~ Not Today ~ It’s not everyone who has a definite life direction as a high school senior. At this Senior lifestyle photo shoot I met a young lady with who knows, has a plan & is implementing the plan. Thank You Tiffany in advance for your service to our country!

Maddie - TCCHS Senior

Maddie had the idea of being photographed at a local Thomasville Ga. barn. What better location could there be for a Senior Portrait session? It was all hands on deck as we raced against sunset, mom making sure all looks proper,  and younger brother working diligently with reflector and flash. I believe everyone had a great time, the proof is in the photographs!

Thomasville Historical Site: Wedding Day

The Wedding day of Josh and Chrissty Stone was absolutely beautiful. The day couldn't have been any prettier. Our typical South Georgia spring day did not disappoint. The Big Oak standing in its awesomeness and the Gazebo all decked out with dream catchers to add a personal touch to the event. The wedding service was simple and sweet. The couple was soon swept away to yet another of our historical locations, The Train Depot, which houses a very unique restaurant called SASS. From the first glance to the first dance we were able to capture memories for this couple to last a lifetime.