5AM! Already!!

Today Missy Hannah & I  had our wake up call at 5AM. The glamorous life as an equestrian photographer sometimes doesn’t shine so brightly at 5. We are taking care of “the Herd” at Foxwater Farm for a couple days and they must be cared for as priority then off to our Equestrian Portrait Session at Cavallo Farm in Monticello FL. This morning would prove to be a success, with two handsome horses, a Thoroughbred name Indy and a Quarter Horse named Houston. and their beautiful owner Erin. This team performed so well today through the heat and humidity that even makes my hair frizzy ~ says a lot from a bald guy ~
They give me fantastic variety of expressions and the boys gave me good ears and the most expressive of eyes we could have asked for. We are so excited to to share with you a few excerpts from today's adventure!