Inside Out Nation - TENTH AVENUE NORTH CONCERT Thomasville GA.

We had the distinct honor to photograph and document the TENTH AVENUE NORTH CONCERT 2.25.2016. All of the musicians were great! The lights and sound were absolutely over the top and the message of Jesus Christ went forward.The first band named "I AM THEY" had a very Southern style kind of "Bluegrassy" sound which I truly appreciate. Their songs were in a word HAPPY. Their music HAPPY.  We need more happy in our lives as a whole and in our churches. As an upcoming band I AM EXCITED for them and expect great things in the very near future for them.           HAWK NELSON & TENTH AVENUE NORTH - what can be said that hasn't? These guys are R E A L!  As a photographer, going in behind the scenes and having a chance to chat and casually observe, it is encouraging that not only do they talk the Christ life on stage but walk it out behind the stage. Its easy to kind of loose your "Sunday School Smile" in a high tension environment. There are a lot of moving parts at a concert such as this!    

OK the term "Sunday school smile" explained is this. Your on the way to church and your children are fussing, fighting, and you pull up in the church driveway with your finger waving in the rear view mirror and You get out and smile as you walk in to Sunday school as if nothing is wrong and all of life is just peachy. AKA "Sunday School Smile"

This concert was because of the passion of the many efforts of Inside Out Nation and its partners and volunteers. InsideOutNation is a non-profit ministry that exists to ignite PASSION for the name of Jesus, promote UNDERSTANDING of who we are in Christ and what defines us as Christians, and cultivate UNITY among believers. 

Kevin Lamb Photography is very happy to have been a part of this event. We hope you will enjoy a few highlights from the event through our lens.