Maddie - TCCHS Senior

Maddie had the idea of being photographed at a local Thomasville Ga. barn. What better location could there be for a Senior Portrait session? It was all hands on deck as we raced against sunset, mom making sure all looks proper,  and younger brother working diligently with reflector and flash. I believe everyone had a great time, the proof is in the photographs!

Mother Daughter Portraiture

Take a scroll through just a few of our favorite images of this amazing photo session. We met our clients at their home and brought along a portrait background and studio lighting to photograph first and then make use of the most southern of our Thomasville flowers, the Azalea, flower beds out front. We see children's photography from all around the world but we believe we have it made right here.

Michael W. Smith Concert

We were recently honored to make images at the Michael W. Smith concert at First Baptist Church Thomasville GA. Really amazing to see the turn out to a very poplar Christian music artist who pretty well took the "concert" to a Worship service. Really glad to be a small part.