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Kevin Lamb Photography has been in business since the spring of 1996. Kevin's background includes Commercial Photography training in Tallahasse, FL. at Lively Vocational College. Kevin received his Certified Professional Photographers Degree in 2014 from the Professional Photographer of America. Uniquely to most photographers Kevin also holds a Masters Degree in Christian Theology from International Miracle Institute in Pensacola Fl. and is currently studying to receive his Doctorate in 2017.

Kevin Lamb Photography operates in Thomasville GA.  As you can see, Kevin's photography is as diverse as the community he serves.

The Weddings: So amazing to the Lambs, are the couples that come to meet with them about photographing and documenting their Wedding. "It never gets dull or routine with weddings they are always exciting" says Kevin "Each one is as unique as the Brides and Grooms themselves!"

The Sporting Life: The sporting life in Thomasville in the fall and throughout the winter is full of life and never ending times of getting together with friends, family and business colleagues. Photographing these types of events are especially a private matter of which Kevin takes utmost care as to the respecting of his clientele. Tongue in cheek Kevin says   "I get to shoot people with guns with only a camera!"

Commercial:  Commercial Photography is exactly what Kevin went to photography school to do. His vast knowledge of lighting techniques has come in very useful photographing many of local businesses. From annual shareholders meetings at Flowers Foods, paint cans at CD Auto Paint, to the furnishings of Aarons Rent to own. With his "Treat each of the businesses as if they were a multi million dollar company, do the very best every time, and be prepared to do it again if need be" philosophy his clients have come to appreciate him and his get the job done attitude.

Missions: Why do you do it? Why do you invest the time and money to go stateside and abroad?  "To bring the reality of Christ to people here in the USA, to the world and photograph and document it"  Having the opportunity to share the love of Christ is of utmost importance to the Lamb family. Going to the jungles of Honduras, Thailand and remote countryside of Jamaica to share the Gospel of Jesus has proven to be a priceless venture.


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