2017 Equestrian Model Winners receive



1 On Location Equestrian Photographic Session Up to 1.5 Hour Session

Up to 3 Clothing Changes

Multiple Locations as time permits

Up to 80 Images to select your favorite images


Facebook Sharing - We will notify you after your preview session when the Video/ Photo collage is up on

our Facebook page and/or Blog you may share freely, as much and with whomever you choose

{Please be patient with us as production is very time consuming}


You Receive $150 credit towards any of our packages

& 25 4x5 Classic prints of our favorite images with purchase of any of our packages.

The 25 - 4x5 prints are only available when you use the $150 credit towards any of our packages.


Purchasing Options

Our Images begin at $100, Packages from $500 to $3500

The 25 - 4x5 prints and the $150 offer is only available with purchase of any of our packages. 


As One of our 2017 Models please know you are under no obligation to purchase additional images or packages.